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San Remo Pasta Sauce Bolognese & Mushroom 500g [HALAL]

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RM 12.50
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RM 13.99
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RM 12.50
Made using an original home style recipe, San Remo Bolognese and Mushroom Homestyle Pasta Sauce contains the combination of succulent tomatoes with fresh mushrooms to give you a hearty and flavourful pasta sauce to go with your pasta. Perfect when paired with meat.

A Brief History
San Remo has epitomised the culture and tradition of pasta making since its inception in 1936, when it was founded by Luigi Crotti. San Remo Durum wheat mill is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the Australian/South-East Asian region, and was specially designed for the processing of Durum wheat. Today, San Remo has a wide range of pasta products and sauces and also offers a range of La Pasta.

Halal Product By ICCV