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Lee Kum Kee Selected Light Soy Sauce | 李锦记特级鲜味生抽 (500ml)

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RM 6.90
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RM 7.90
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RM 6.90
Made from selected soybeans and wheat flour. It is brewed according to the traditional and natural methods. Lee Kum Kee Selected Light Soy Sauce has a rich flavor, color, and aroma that will delicately enhance the taste of any dish.

Water, Sugar, Salt, Soybeans, Wheat Flour, Contains Permitted Flavour Enhancers (Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium 5’-Inosinate, Disodium 5’-Guanylate), Spice Extract (Water, Salt, Spice), Permitted Colour (Caramel) and Permitted Preservative (Potassium Sorbate). Contains Soybeans, Wheat.

Contains Soybeans, Wheat

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