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Our Story

Ding's Recipe is an original brand in Malaysia established by DINGS RECIPE HOLDINGS (M) SDN BHD. Our products made by the excellent agricultural products of Malaysia. The unique geographical location enables our country to grow many excellent farm produce. 

Therefore, our team will continue to search other fine ingredients from all over Malaysia, develop and create more possibilities, and invent more good products. 

Our philosophy is to create more high-quality products with Malaysian characteristics, so as to promote them all over the world, and make Dings's Recipe an iconic high-quality specialty brand in Malaysia.


【鼎之味】是鼎之味控股(马)有限公司的自创品牌, 旗下研发的产品都是使用馬來西亞独特且优良的农作物研制而成, 得天独厚的地理位置使我国能够种植出许多优良的农产品。 因此,我们团队会持续搜罗马来西亚各地优良食材, 研发并创造更多的可能性,研制出更多好的产品。 

我们的理念就是希望打造更多具有大马特色的优质产品,藉此推广至世界各地, 让【鼎之味】成为馬來西亞标志性的优质特产品牌。 就像【鼎之味】背后的寓意 尝一脔肉而知一镬之味,一鼎之调。--摘自《吕氏春秋·察今》 意思是:尝鼎里一片肉,就可以知道味道来自於我们的产品 -- 【鼎之味】。 

每一道菜肴都是料理人的心思,无论是上班族匆忙准备的一餐,或者是长辈在家精心烹调的佳肴, 鼎之味都能为此增添菜肴的美味,吃出满满的幸福感。