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TASTE-ME Soup Spices Herbs Sin Tai Hing Bak Kut Teh Rempahan Sup Tulang Taste Me 新泰兴肉骨茶料包 马来西亚传统风味 2s/pack

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Taste-Me Soup Spices Paste 肉骨茶即煮酱料 2s/pack

Taste-Me Instant Paste and Spices Series
Instant Paste and Spices Series from Taste-Me to help you save time for cooking. Instant Paste and Spices from Taste-Me makes cooking more fun and easier, yet still keep good home food taste as a result. Collect and try all the Instant Paste and Spices Series from Taste-Me: Green Curry, Rendang, Sambal Tumis, Vege Curry, Chicken Curry, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Soup Spices.

Taste-Me Soup Spices
Soup Spices with Special Sauce contains the finest selected herbs, spices and sauce. It is a unique combination of Chinese traditional herbs and spices grounded into an aromatic blend and sauce, to make a tasty and delicious traditional-tasting soup