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MAGGI Homemade Chicken Stock | Concentrated with real chicken (250g)

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RM 9.50
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RM 9.99
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RM 9.50
MAGGI Homemade Concentrated Chicken Stock (1 bottle of 250g)
• For rich delicious meals everyday
• Food seasoning
• Great for stews, soups and stir-fry dishes
• No need to add salt for richer, meatier taste
• Shake well before use, refrigerate after opening
• Use 1 tablespoon with 1.5 cup of hot water
• Pack size: 250g
• HALAL certified

For great tasting soups, stews and stir-fry dishes that you will always enjoy, count on MAGGI®
Homemade Concentrated Chicken Stock. Made with real chicken extract or concentrate, just add a dash into your dishes for that deliciously rich, meaty taste.