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First Launching Promo in Msia! LeTONIC Ginger Ale Soda Drink

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RM 128.00
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RM 194.70
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RM 128.00

Welcome to try LeTONIC Ginger Ale!

We use pure Bentong highland ginger juice as the raw material to create two refreshing and delicious flavors: Refreshing Lime and Rock Salt and Moist Honey Lemon. Whether it's hot summer or cold winter, it can bring you a refreshing and invigorating feeling.

LeTONIC Ginger Ale uses high-quality natural sparkling water, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of bubbles while drinking. We specially select Himalayan rock salt and honey to create a rich taste and satisfy your taste buds.

Now, we are launching a first-sale pre-order package, allowing you to taste both flavors at a more favorable price. The pre-order package starts from RM128 and includes personal, family and commercial packages to choose from! The quantity of pre-order packages is limited, first come, first served!

Join us now and enjoy the refreshing experience brought by LeTONIC Ginger Ale!